ARTISAN: Dreamweavers Collective

It’s no secret that I’m a bit granola…. OK, you caught me, I’m super crunchy. I love to eat foods from the Earth, I love to walk everywhere, I clean my house with baking soda & vinegar, and I love to leave as small a footprint as I can.  Enter natural building.. what the whatttttt? Yes, even the homes that we live in use materials that are the product of energy intensive processing. Just think about all of the wood, steel, cement, power, coal, plastic PLASTIC (yes, I’m yelling at you!),  and let’s not forget those high polluting trucks we drive behind on freeways, coughing out black smoke… However, it is virtually impossible to build a home with zero environmental impact, but we can start to open up the idea of using renewable or recycled materials to create abodes that are functional while reducing waste.

Kelly & Bryce are 2 artisans that are doing just that. They met in the desert, Slab City to be exact, fell in love, went to Mexico, got married in Ojai on a beautiful farm where they farmed their food & started Dreamweavers Collective.

The Dreamweavers Collective aims to inspire, create & share what they have found to be beautiful and meaningful.

kelly & bryce of dreamweavers collective natural stairs from driftwood natural stairs from driftwood natural stairs from driftwood natural stairs from beach driftwood full natural wood staircase bryce and his stairs bryce sitting on a fallen tree natural building workshop bryce building a cob house cob house details cob house in ojai ca cob house in california inside of a cob house inside of a cob house exterior of a cob house cob oven cob oven workshop cob oven in ojai cob oven and natural pizza wood board cob oven rack cob oven detail green cob oven

From Dreamweavers Collective:
Natural Buildings may seem like a contradictory term, but at Dreamweavers, we strive to seamlessly blend the structural and the natural, to create buildings without compromise. Embracing old world techniques with modern aesthetics, we are able to create something truly sustaining. Using natural materials in their raw form allows for a deeper connection to place & an appreciation for the world that surrounds us. To learn more, visit Dreamweavers Collective.
Staircases made from found driftwood and house & oven in the Cob Style.
Kelly & Bryce are available for hire for your destination.